Audit Committee

Duration: 2020/02/25~2023/02/24

In order to improve corporate governance, the Company establish an Audit Committee in accordance with Articles 14-4 of the Securities and Exchange Act, and in accordance with Article 4 of the ” Audit Committee Charter ” established by the Company, the Committee shall carry out the supervision procedures and submit the resolutions of the Committee to the Board of Directors for resolution.

MemberPositionAudit Committee
Way, Tzong DerIndependent DirectorChair
Tai, Jang HueiIndependent DirectorMember
Chao, Ying ChenIndependent DirectorMember

Communication between audit committee members and accountants

The Audit Committee of the Company shall, as necessary, appoint an accountant to attend the Audit Committee as an observer to communicate and discuss the results of the review or audit of quarterly and annual financial reports, important accounting standards or interpretation letters, securities and regulations and tax laws and regulations.


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