Audit Committee

Duration: 2023/06/12~2026/06/11

The Audit Committee is composed of all Independent Directors, which is operated with main purpose of supervising the proper presentation of the financial statements of the Company, the election (discharge) as well as the independence and performance of certified public accountants, the effective implementation of the internal control, and the compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The responsibilities of the Committee are

1. Adoption or amendment of an internal control system.
2. Assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control system.
3. Adoption or amendment of handling procedures for financial or operational actions of material significance, such as acquisition or disposal of assets, derivatives trading, extension of monetary loans to others, or endorsements or guarantees for others.
4. A matter bearing on the personal interest of a director.
5. A material asset or derivatives transaction.
6. A material monetary loan, endorsement, or provision of guarantee.
7. The offering, issuance, or private placement of any equity-type securities.
8. The hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, or the compensation given thereto.
9. The appointment or discharge of a financial, accounting, or internal auditing officer.
10.Annual and everr quarter financial reports.
11.Annual business report and the surplus earning distribution or loss off-setting statement.
12.Any other material matter so required by the company or a competent regulatory authority.

Member of Audit Committee

MemberPositionAudit Committee
Way, Tzong DerIndependent DirectorChairman
Chao, Ying ChenIndependent DirectorMember

Operational situation of Audit Committee

A total of 10 Audit Committee meetings were held in the previous period (2023). The attendance of the independent directors was as follow

NameRequired AttendanceAttendance in PersonBy ProxyAttendance rateRemark
Way, Tzong Der10100100% 
Chao, Ying Chen109090% 
Tai, Jang Huei65083.33% 

Note 1 : Resigned on 2023/8/29

Communication between Independent Directors and internal audit supervisor and accountants:

Link Communication between Independent Directors and internal audit supervisor and accountants


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