Stakeholder Contact


In order to strengthen investor relations and improve the transparency of financial information and operating conditions, Polaris has established a spokesperson system to handle related matters. The company’s website has established an investor relations area and established contact information for external communication spokesperson and deputy spokesperson, so that investors can obtain the latest and most accurate related information of the company, and actively respond to investors’ suggestions or doubts.

The contact information of the spokesperson and deputy spokesperson is as follows:

SpokespersonDeputy Spokesperson
Name:Kay HuangName:Gina Lee
Job Title:Chief Finance OfficerJob Title:IR/PR

Report Mailbox

Polaris has established and announced an independent whistleblowing mailbox and hotline on the company’s website for anyone to report crimes, fraud, or violations of laws and regulations. The identity of the whistleblower and the content of the reported case are obliged to keep confidential.

Reporting Channel

Address:7F, No.298 Ruiguang Road, Neihu Dist,Taipei 114063, Taiwan

Polaris Group Whistleblowing Reports Unit

hotline phone number:+886-2-2656-2727 Ext 123
Download File:Whistleblowing Regulations


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