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Polaris Group signs collaboration agreement with Nanotein Technologies, Inc.

Nanotein Technologies, Inc., an innovative startup biotechnology company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Polaris Group, a developer of novel treatments for cancer, announced today they have entered into a strategic partnership to advance Nanotein’s protein-based solutions for superior cellular therapy manufacturing. As part of the agreement, Polaris will manufacture research use only and GMP grade material for Nanotein. Polaris will receive equity and royalties for their manufacturing services.

About Nanotein Technologies, Inc.Nanotein Technologies

Nanotein’s novel cell activation and expansion reagent facilitates the manufacture of best-in-class cell therapies more cheaply and quickly than the few available competing reagents. Cellular therapies, such as Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell (CAR T) therapy, are an extremely promising new cancer treatment modality primed for exceptionally high, near-term, levels of growth.

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