Research and Development Polaris Pharmaceuticals San Diego California

Polaris Pharma has been continually innovating and developing new technologies and processes for over 20 years. We deliver a wide range of services from our dedicated and flexible development facilities.

​Our team believes that a streamlined drug development process with input from experienced scientists is essential to avoiding pitfalls early in the process and progressing a compound to the clinic.

We take a comprehensive view when developing your product and give you access to a wealth of process development and production expertise that complements our manufacturing services.

Expression system development

  • Microbial growth optimization for high yields and low cost
  • Experienced choosing appropriate vectors and cell lines

Purification system development

  • Development of robust purification processes that can be scaled and meet cGMP guidelines

Analytical chemistry – QC assay development and optimization

  • Method Development and validation
  • Impurity identification
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