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Polaris Pharmaceuticals applies for the first listing

Polaris Group Polaris Pharmaceuticals – KY (6550TW) rush to the stock exchange to apply for the first listing of shares before the end of 2021! Polaris Pharmaceutical-KY submitted an application for listing on the 27th. It is the second foreign company to apply for the first listing in this (2021) year. .

The person in charge of Polaris Pharmaceutical-KY Company is Howard Chen, and the actual operating entities include: Polaris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., DesignRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., DesignRx Pharmaceuticals (Chengdu) Company and Taipei TDW New Drug Research and Development Company; the host underwriter is Cathay Securities Corporation.

Polaris Pharmaceuticals-KY application paid-in capital/net value were 4.118 billion TWD (excluding private equity of 3.07 billion TWD)/7.402 billion TWD; main products include new drug R&D and manufacturing; last (2020) year pre-tax net loss of 6.6 100 million TWD, the after-tax loss per share was 1.01 TWD, and the loss per share in the first half of this year was 0.54 TWD.

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