Polaris Acquires Equity Stake in EnzymeRx

EnzymeRx announced that they have acquired worldwide rights, excluding Taiwan, to Uricase-PEG 20 from Polaris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for 14 million dollars.

Polaris will hold an equity stake in EnzymeRx. Polaris continues to collaborate with EnzymeRx in the development of Uricase-PEG 20 for the treatment of gout, tumor lysis syndrome, and other diseases related to hyperuricemia.

The divestiture of Uricase-PEG 20, with continued equity participation in EnzymeRx, will enable Polaris to focus on ADI‑PEG 20 and other oncology projects.

About Polaris Group
Polaris Group is a privately held multinational biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development of protein drugs to treat cancer and other debilitating diseases. The company also utilizes a rational structure-based approach for the design of novel small molecule inhibitors of cancer-related protein targets.